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Try the "EZ Way" to Level Concrete with
EZ Screed's Concrete Leveling Tools!


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The "Old Way"

EZ Screed

EZ Screed Pro Two

The EZ Screed Tool is a concrete leveling tool, the ideal, user-friendly finishing tool designed especially for concrete contractors. When you pour concrete and need a precise, professional finish, use either the EZ Screed Tool or EZ Screed Pro Two. Looking for a better tool to level or grade materials such as concrete, gravel, sand, soil, or mulch? Try the EZ Placer! The quality of workmanship and design of EZ Screed’s tools are unsurpassed - the concrete industry’s trending tools!


Often, concrete contractors use a straight edged strip of 2 x 4 wood or aluminum screed as a leveling tool, to achieve a level concrete surface. This method is hard on your back and knees, because you are bent over, holding the wood, using a back and forth motion, while moving the wood across the surface. The EZ Screed Tool is designed to replace this old, conventional method of leveling surfaces, allowing you to remain in an upright position.

EZ Screed has been dedicated to providing quality, everyday tools for concrete workers, focusing on the concrete industry tools, contractors’ needs and the trends. The ergonomic design of the EZ Screed Tools quickly became the essential tools for decorative concrete contractors, who provide an aesthetic enhancement to driveways, sidewalks, patios, or pool decks.




EZ Screed Complete Set

Includes: 1 EZ Screed Handle and
4 Aluminum Screed Boards
; plus
Shipping & Handling



EZ Screed Pro Two Complete Set

Includes: 2 EZ Screed Pro Handles with 2 pivot mounting brackets; plus Shipping & Handling

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EZ Screed Tools in ACTION

Concrete Screed Tools

The EZ Screed Tool used in an upright position with comfort textured grips, is lightweight with aluminum blades that replace wood screed boards. The EZ Screed Tool features is a faster and more effective way of leveling, finishing, or screeding concrete.

Aluminium screed tool

The EZ Screed Pro Two also used in an upright position, features pivot mounting brackets that attach to your wider aluminum screed board for larger concrete jobs.  The EZ Screed Pro Two fits any 10' - 16' wood or aluminum screed board.

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