EZ Screed Pro Two Complete Set Includes:
Two Swivel Handles and Two Brackets

  • USA: $494 (Continental) includes shipping


The EZ SCREED PRO TWO is designed for larger jobs and a two person team screeding concrete in unison, in an upright position. Set of two EZ Screed Pro Two swivel handles with a set of two mounting brackets attach to your 10-20’+ screed board (aluminum or wood). A faster and more effective way of leveling concrete, resulting in a more precise & professional finish to your larger concrete jobs, while saving your back and knees.

Powder Coated Steel swivel Handles (5 pounds each), Comfort Textured Grips, Stand for Rest Position, Ergonomic Design, Lightweight and Durable, Mounting Brackets, Designed for Lengthy Screed Board, Fits any 10-20’+ Board (aluminum or wood), Easy Clean Up!, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED,

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