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EZ Screed Tools Customers–we want to hear and post your comments regarding EZ Screed Tool and EZ Screed Pro Two on the job performance.

Bow W., Wisconsin

I poured 800lf of 5′ sidewalk by myself. Poured 200′ per day. Could not have done it without EZ Screed which was using their handle and their 5′ aluminum screed.

Lance Walters

Best investment I have ever made.

Lyle Eckes

These work awesome, I use mine just about every day.

Bane Construction, IN

Started business in 1989, best tool ever used, so simple to use, saving back & knees.

Stencil Tech, Cambridgeshire, UK

Concrete rake very easy to use, will save you a bad back over long run.

Hitchcock Concrete, Jim Hitchcock

Love the tool! Very Impressed.

Matt Quinn (Matt Quinn & Company, Bellville, OH)

Hello–Thanks for everything. Tell Chuck we love it. We poured 62 yds yesterday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm down and ready to finish. With 2 concrete people and 2 others that had troubles raking. We used super-p which made it all possible. My guy was skeptical about the screed and he screeded the first 25 yards and fell in love. We were pouring about a 6″ slump 6″ deep for a grain bin pad. I think I’m going to start selling these things! Got two people interested.

Concrete & Masonry Construction Products Magazine, READER’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER 2009 – EZ Screed Tools was honored in the top 4% of most requested reader’s choice.

Brun Concrete Contractors, Dayton, OH

I have been in the concrete business for 20 years. I bought EZ Screed in 2008 and it is the best tool I have ever purchased. It made my work much easier.

Lee’s Concrete, KY

After I bought EZ Screed, I no longer screed concrete any other way. It’s the best.

Anthony Hrebluk (Decorative Curb & Concrete, Newark, OH)

For anyone wondering how easy this tool is to use, this was his first time using an EZ Screed and hasn’t straight edged much at all. He picked it right up. Much easier to learn than a standard wood stick.

Brett Cunningham (Madison Wisconsin)

I poured a lengthy section of sidewalk by myself using EZ Screed Tool. This tool is the “cats meow!”